Law & Order: WVU Washington Victims Unit, Dept R71

Some news updates on Ref71. They’ve checked 130k signatures, only 8 to go. We should know very soon whether enough signatures will be verified to put r71 on the ballot.  The campaign has filed a lawsuit seeking to prevent certification.  Each signature petition sheet is supposed to be signed by the signature gatherer.  Many (approx 30k i’ve heard informally) were either not signed or were stamped by the organizers.   The lawsuit argues that unsigned or stamped petition sheets should be disqualified.  Expect major news this week.

Washington Referendum 71 Signature Check to Finish Today
State election officials have now checked just under 130000 Referendum 71 signatures, the measure aimed at overturning Washington’s new "everything but

Washington Marriage Equality Group Seeks TRO on Referendum 71
Tips-Q GLBT News
WFST seeks to prevent Proposition 71 from being verified for the ballot until signature irregularities can be addressed. Among the group’s claims are:

Pro-Gay Group Sues To Keep Referendum From Washington State Ballot
Referendum 71 should only be on the ballot if it has qualified based on legally valid signatures. In order to ensure that it is not put on the ballot in

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