Interview: Digital Radio Politics: Tech cultural and engineering challenges in campaigns

Last week, after Campaign Tech West, I joined Karen Jagoda, President of the E-Voting institute and host of Digital Politics Radio (Podcast) for a interview. If you tend to be more oral and aural, this is better than a blog post :)

The interview has two ~10min segments. Check them out here:
Or go directly to the audio file @ Digital Politics Radio site


We discussed many of the cultural and engineering challenges campaigns and non-profits face when applying technical assets and resources to their goals. In the interview, you’ll hear me run my mouth about:

  • What does “Tech” mean? What’s the difference between Digital and Tech?
  • What is the current tech, or engineering talent landscape look like?
  • As technical resources and assets have rapidly shifted from ancillary to strategic, what challenges exist within campaigns and their internal departments that limit us and what an approach to overcoming them can look like.
  • What engineering and integration problems are limiting us and what is an approach to overcoming them?
  • What’s the history and cause of the formation of the Open Supporter Data Interface (OSDI)?
  • ┬áThe cleanliness state of multiple siloed datasets in organizations.
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