New Poll: Don’t be complacent, we must vote Approve on Referendum 71

In 2008, the University of Washington released its poll on support for same sex domestic partnerships reporting that 66% of the general electorate support full domestic partnership.  Today, on the Approve Referendum 71 campaign’s blogger briefing call, Josh Friedes, the campaign manager, revealed the results of their new poll concludes that 51% would vote “approve” while  44% would vote “reject” on referendum 71.   The difference in numbers is due to the new poll’s focus on off year election voters. In an off-year election, voter are typically more conservative and older.   

The new poll is a much more accurate representation of what this years turnout will be and just how slim the margin in our favor.  It is likely that in the coming weeks there will be a lot of noise coming from the other side with mischaracterizations and deceptive arguments.  While may will see these for what they are, some may be swayed by them resulting in less support for “approve”.

The outcome will be determined by those who show up.  In order to preserve our rights, we need to get up and take action.  Please make sure that your friends and allies vote “approve” on Referendum 71 and don’t forget to mail their ballots!


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Phone bank at a call center to spread the word. If you live outside the Seattle/Tacoma Metropolitan area, sign up here to phone bank from home.

Donate online to support the Approve 71 campaign

Change your Facebook photo to the Approve 71 icon and talk about Approving 71 in your status messages. If you run a website or blog, please link to Approve71.orgwith both a text and graphic link. This will be a big help to the campaign to create awareness for the site.

Show your support with Ref71 Gear such as yardsigns, buttons, T-shirts and bumperstickers at the online Approve 71 Cafe Press store.

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