NCIS: “As straight as they come” ummm. no.

I’m a huge fan of NCIS, which is a lot like CSI, but with the twist that the law enforcement organization is the Naval Criminal Investigation Service rather than civilian as in CSI.

You get all the gory autopsies, deep forensics, a light touch of military and “cutesy” interplay between the characters.

In this episode, the team is, as usual, investigating the death of a Naval officer.  The investigation uncovers the fact that the dead guy was impersonating another Naval officer who was impersonating him.  (They switched identities).  Siva David (pronounced [ˈziva daˈvid]), an Isreali Mossad agent on temporary assignment to NCIS, is talking to the (non-dead-guy who is a young menial supply clerk) to figure out why they were doing this.  Siva is true to her history in form, a gruff, tough girl, mangling American slang, cultural references, and colloquialisms

What caught my attention was a funny portrayal of the “Obviously gay guy in denial” situation.  The best part of it is Siva’s knowing looks and subdued giggles. 

Since I’ve been thinking so much about DADT lately, this tickled my funny bone.  It also made me wonder if this is in good humor or perhaps offensive.


What do you think?

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